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Drabble: Amo Amas Amat

Title: Amo Amas Amat
Author: wastingyourgum
Words: 100
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Djaq/Legrand
Genre: Het
Spoilers: 2x11
Disclaimer: BBC & TA own anything you find familiar.
A/N: Since you all asked nicely... and I've had a few beers ;)

They talked initially in English, a language neither of them had grown up with.

Another completely different conversation was held at the same time by moistened lips, lingering looks, fingers touched to mouths, bodies leaned towards each other.

He whispered to her in passable Arabic how beautiful she was, how he saw the woman and the warrior and how he longed to hold her.

She proved to him she knew the French for "there", "more" and "harder".

They spoke in tongues together...

And when they buried him at Kirklees, she would let no other write the Latin on his headstone.
Tags: author: wastingyourgum, cat: drabble, character: djaq, character: legrand, rating: pg13
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