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A community for the appreciation and discussion of all things Djaq
This community was inspired by and owes a huge debt of gratitude to its sibling communities, treatmuchright, treatallanright, robinsociety and treatljohnright.

So you think Djaq is just the girl outlaw? Well then, You Don't Know DjaqTM!*

Artwork courtesy of wenrom31

Also, the incredible Djaq icons next to user names throughout this community are courtesy of wastingyourgum!

Djaq is part of a long-standing tradition of Saracen cohorts of Robin Hood, and the BBC gave this tradition a distinctly feminine twist by making the Saracen a woman. Djaq, however, is far more than just the token outsider or female. She is the gang's physician, its fount of scientific and cultural wisdom, and finally, its heart and conscience. In short, Djaq is Awesome.

Unfortunately, she (and Anjali Jay, the brilliant actress who plays her) were frequently pushed to the background and woefully underused in most episodes, and finally, Djaq was rather cruelly written completely out of the show in the third series. Consequently, interest in Djaq has waned over the past year or so, and she rarely appears in fanfic or fanart, in spite of having a rich backstory and personality that is a veritable goldmine for fanworks.

The goal of this community is to provide a forum for appreciating Djaq in all ways possible, as a tribute to Djaq, and a way to keep her alive long past the end of the actual show. So write fanfiction, make icons, and remember...

Treat Djaq Right!


A Few Rules

As a rule, we hate having...er, rules, so consider the following strong recommendations, if you prefer. They make our lives easier, and yours too!

Please make sure you’ve read this before you post and if you have any questions not answered here, get in touch.

1) You must be a member to post. It's easy to become a member though! And it's FREE!

2) We're Robin Hood fen, so snark is not only allowed, it's practically required. But be nice to your fellow members.

3) Fiction, fanart, we lovesss it all, precioussss! Just remember that this is a community dedicated to Djaq, so the fiction should feature Djaq in some way (and we approve of shippy fic featuring Djaq as a member of the ship too!

Please use a header and put the fiction, fanart, icons, banners, etc. itself behind a cut, to spare your friends' lists. Where necessary, please include spoiler alerts and/or warnings.

Here's a handy-dandy sample header:

Title: your title
Author: you
Rating: G/PG/PG13/R/NC17 (or ratings as used at Fanfiction.net, if you prefer)
Characters/Pairings: (optional) include names of characters other than Djaq, any pairings, etc.
Warnings: (optional) include warnings for any explicit content, graphic violence, torture, etc.
Spoilers: (optional) include any spoiler alerts, especially with reference to S3
Disclaimer: (optional) disclaimers are nice, but generally useless. Use them if you want to.
Author/Artist Notes: (optional) include any interesting extra information about your story, provide thanks to the folks who held your hand, beta'd for you, etc.
Summary: a short summary of your story - not absolutely necessary, but really handy for the folks compiling rh_press (which includes one of your co-mods, fwiw).

4) Please use tags. It will make it easier for you to find your own work later. Standard tags include fic, djaq, art, icons, banners, and episode identifiers (i.e. 1x01, 2x06, 3x12, etc). Your LJ username is also a useful tag.

(Many thanks to wastingyourgum, who helped with this layout, and whose rules for treatljohnright are basically paraphrased above). :D

* Disclaimer: You Don't Know DjaqTM is not a registered mark under the laws of any country or governmental institution. It exists solely for the purpose of entertainment and no profit from the use of the mark is intended or contemplated.

Any registered mark is the property of Tiger Aspect and the BBC. No infringement or dilution is intended.